Therapy & healing

How to heal on the inside

There are several different types of therapies. What type suits you best based on your issues and preferences is up to yourself to decide. Every trauma needs therapy to heal and even though time, love and nature are very potent therapists, sometimes we need more. For physical traumas we consult physicians but when it comes to psychological and emotional traumas we are less likely to contact a doctor.

This blog shines a little light on therapies for psychological and emotional healing. We cover everything from psychotherapy to hypnotherapy and light therapy - and much more between and beyond. Each person and each story is unique so it is important with a wide variety of therapies. Many people have to try  different approaches to heal before they find what works for them. This blog aims to be a rough guide to what is out there.


25 Feb 2019

Sigmund Freud is the father of psychoanalysis which is still being studied and used in therapy to this day. His starting point was that humans are troubled and anxious by nature. This is a brief introduction to the man we have to thank (or not) for psychotherapy.