Did you know that VR games can help treat people with phobias?

A new form of therapy is emerging to treat people with specific phobias these days – virtual reality games are being developed to immerse people within different scenarios and help them face their fears. Let’s take a quick look at how this works.


Fear exposure therapy is possible thanks to virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift and other VR headsets. For example, a VR game may safely expose those people with an irrational fear of heights to a lifelike scenario where they would have to walk over a high bridge or plank. This would of course still cause some degree of fear in the person since the scene would look very real, yet the knowledge that in reality he or she is safe on the ground would help alleviate some of that fear response, so that the individual can start conquering the phobia step by step.

VR can also be used for fun

Of course, VR games are not used solely for therapy, but also for entertainment. Whether it’s driving a supercar along a winding road, flying a plane or shooting at a the enemy, you can imagine how much more immersive and fun it can be to play a game in VR mode. Lately, some online casinos have also added a couple of VR slots to their portfolio, which can be played to win real money. Check them out at CasinoHawks.com!

9 Apr 2019